LOST Artwork

Ok, so I am a huge LOST fan. For the past few seasons, we’ve had a ton of people over to watch the show each week. This weekend I sat down to design an invite for the season premiere, and had so many ideas that I wound up creating 8 different designs. The first three are my favorite. Let me know what you think.


Lost Poster 02

Lost Poster 03

Lost Poster 04

Lost Poster 05

Lost Poster 06

Lost Poster 07

- Ty + 1.18.10 | 5:32 pm


I vote for #3

- Brad Surcey + 1.18.10 | 5:39 pm

i like bunny rabbits!

- jovenville + 1.18.10 | 5:49 pm

these are rad

- josh elliott + 1.18.10 | 5:51 pm

WHOA Ty, I want to see the first three screened!

- Justin Bernard + 1.18.10 | 5:54 pm

Bunny! Bunny!

- Jon Lachonis + 1.18.10 | 6:47 pm

Oh my… That bunny! How do I get that as a poster?

I’m serious. I want to buy that in poster form, probably much to the annoyance of Lost’s rights holders. I also would love the numbers one.

- Nicholas Smith + 1.18.10 | 6:58 pm

Are you going to sell these at any point in time? They are awesome!

- Jeremy Mauck + 1.18.10 | 7:05 pm

Nice work!

- Chad Sideburn + 1.18.10 | 7:11 pm

I really love the eyeball, the bunny, the radio tower and the numbers.

- Crystal + 1.18.10 | 7:21 pm

The dual Locke poster is incredible. Excellent idea, excellent execution. Bold and iconic. Would love to have one – are you selling any???

- Pop Culture Savant + 1.18.10 | 7:48 pm

Looks like Locke Box, Bunny and Numbers are crowd pleasers. No love for LAX?

- Ty + 1.18.10 | 7:54 pm

Love the black smoke one. I think it’s between the black smoke and the eye. They are all fantastic though. Do you even know HOW to make something ugly? I don’t think you could if you tried. Crazy talent.

- Nicole + 1.18.10 | 8:41 pm

I love all of these. I could use some nice artwork in the house. I hope you can market them.

- Kelley + 1.18.10 | 8:45 pm

dude, i don’t even watch this show and i think these are rad. i guess the LAX one works for LOST-ers and not, because i get lost there just about every time i go…

- pat + 1.18.10 | 10:17 pm

these are fantastic. 1, 2, 4, 7 are my favorites. odds you’ll sell these??

- Tom + 1.19.10 | 5:52 am

number 1 is amazing — i also love 3 and 7. and if you sell i’ll buy.

- sarah + 1.19.10 | 6:27 am

You’re good.

- Aaron Martin + 1.19.10 | 6:33 am

i want all of them! great work!

- tylersten + 1.19.10 | 6:57 am

Wow, amazing! I am totally going to steal on of these for my premiere party invite ;-) I will think you will hear more love for the LAX one after the premiere. Please let me know if you are able to sell them!

- David Jorgensen + 1.19.10 | 7:51 am

Yikes, sorry for the bad grammar in my post, I haven’t had my coffee yet. Anyway, great work!

- David Jorgensen + 1.19.10 | 7:54 am

very nice! my favorite is the lost bunny.

- James Martin + 1.19.10 | 9:48 am

I really like the cleverness of #1, but I think LAX & the Numbers are my personal faves! I love my crazy-talented husband!

- Rhea + 1.19.10 | 2:20 pm

Dude….. love this. Very awesome. My favorite has to be the first one and the bunny. FEB 2 couldn’t come soon enough.

Thanks TY

- Dave Donaldson + 1.19.10 | 2:21 pm

I really like the bunny, the number and the eye but Locke’s is breathtaking… Excellent job!

- Chris Christodoulou + 1.19.10 | 4:31 pm


- Matt Roeser + 1.19.10 | 6:39 pm

These are all great. #1, in particular, is genius. Love the coffin overlap!

- Jack Auses + 1.20.10 | 8:39 am

These are great. I posted the VW one (with a link back to this page) on my daily design blog “Design Thought for the Day”

All the best, Ted

- Ted Rex + 1.20.10 | 10:21 am

I want to buy the purple smoke monster one. Please print these and sell them. Brilliant.

- Daryl + 1.20.10 | 10:26 am

#4 and #8, really like #8

- 5chw4r7z + 1.20.10 | 10:36 am

Wow, you really need to sell these! Amazing!

- Courtney + 1.20.10 | 11:01 am

#1 is pretty genius.

- Treavioli + 1.20.10 | 11:53 am

SO awesome! Where can I buy these?

- Jolby + 1.20.10 | 12:44 pm

#5, #7, and #8 are my fav’s! The bunny with the 8 in the middle is really cool. The poster with the numbers is outrageous! I also really like the VW buses poster! The only time I’ve watched lost was with you and my sis. Not a big lost fan, but these posters are really creative! I’d love to get a copy of the VW buses and blow it up to poster size!

- Tyler Griffin + 1.20.10 | 12:58 pm

Big fan of number 2 – Reminds me of the very first scene in Lost. I’ll one up you Ty. http://www.grantglas.com/mis.html. Scroll down a little… worked on this for a couple day.. hangs in my home office.

- Grant Glas + 1.20.10 | 2:31 pm

1 & 2!! The double Locke coffin is fantastic.

- cathi o + 1.20.10 | 3:19 pm

Bowled over by these. Stunning!

- Will Peach + 1.20.10 | 3:30 pm

I love Montand’s Arm with the Radio tower! The simplicity of Jack’s eye is also great. I love these! I would definitely buy these!

- Jonna Isaac + 1.20.10 | 3:37 pm

#2 definitively. I love the repetition in shape. The use of bright jungle colors but you still get the essence of fear/hiding with the bright white eye. For some reason I like the use of all caps on Lost that you showed in the other versions. #1 close second, the coffin is genius.

- Jill R + 1.20.10 | 3:38 pm

you should sell these on zazzle.com or somewhere else, i would buy one. #1 is my favorite

- cardeo + 1.20.10 | 3:46 pm

Wow! Thanks so much for all the compliments you guys! You’re all invited to my house for the premier.

- Ty + 1.20.10 | 3:56 pm

Love the designs. Love your technique!

- John Trauscht + 1.20.10 | 4:04 pm

Amazing, love them all.

- liam + 1.20.10 | 4:07 pm

Ty, you need to get these printed! These are brilliant!

- Dirk Dallas + 1.20.10 | 4:18 pm

I’m a Lost fan too though in Australia we never seem to get the entire season. We’re way behind I think. Anyway your posters are wonderfully creative. I’d have a hard time deciding on my favourite. Well done.

- Cedric + 1.20.10 | 5:03 pm

By the way you should consider putting them on t-shirts like threadless tees or other such sites.

- Cedric + 1.20.10 | 5:05 pm

I like 2, 5, and 7.

- nicole + 1.20.10 | 5:45 pm

I want to own the Dual Locke poster. Srsly. Please send out an email if you screen print them

- Burt Durand + 1.20.10 | 8:02 pm

IMHO, I like #2 the best, but I wish you had used all caps for LOST… like all the other posters. It just looks wrong in lower case. I like #5, but I don’t like the font used for LOST. #6 the buses should have the Dharma logos, not VW logos. Also, the font. Actually, posters 1-5 would be better without the word LOST on them at all. They are all very creative, and convey LOST enough without having to say it.

- Dennis + 1.20.10 | 9:25 pm

Amazing job man! I think ABC should pay you to design a poster for the final episode. I’m sure it would be awesome!

- Davi Garcia + 1.21.10 | 3:40 am

As a designer and a huge fan my self I can say I just loved it!

- Allink + 1.21.10 | 3:44 am

Wow!!! Congratulations, very good!!!


São Paulo – Brasil

- Dio + 1.21.10 | 6:16 am

Blown away. These posters are excellent. Great work.

- James White + 1.21.10 | 6:44 am

are you selling these? my brother totally NEEDS to have one. Please contact me for info.

- lindsay + 1.21.10 | 7:30 am

Hmm…I think I’m a fan of the smoke the best….if only we could hear the “zwa zwa zwa” as we looked at it.

- Katie + 1.21.10 | 7:55 am

Agreed! I want the first one.

- James Compton Boyce + 1.21.10 | 8:14 am

Man!!! Please!!! begin to sell these works and sent one each for Brazil.

- Fernando Almeida + 1.21.10 | 10:32 am

Amazing!!! My favorite is the Kombi Poster. But they’re all great. Congratulations!!

- Vinicius Schiezaro + 1.21.10 | 1:16 pm

LAX and Locke’s heads are just brilliant. But the series as a whole is very strong. This is a great post not just to show off your work but to demonstrate the value of exploring lots of design concepts. It’s always amazing to me how many ways there are to tell the same story. Great work!

- Michelle + 1.21.10 | 4:55 pm

Great designs! The first one looks really similar to the logo done for the site questionablecharacters.com

- Mark + 1.21.10 | 5:58 pm

I wanna buy all of them. Absolutely brilliant. I love them

- Al + 1.22.10 | 1:22 am

these are awesome! do you have the rights to sell them? if so, id be interested to know the process you have to go through to get that agreed! i really hope u can sell them though, i love the double locke head!

- Dave Williams + 1.22.10 | 1:33 am

I love the first, Smokey and the rabbit – I would buy the t-shirts!

- Daryl + 1.22.10 | 6:30 am

The Eye!

- Ignats + 1.22.10 | 7:40 am

For real I really really want to buy these. As you have probably seen with damonandcarltonandapolarbear.com, D&C are pretty encouraging of awesome Lostie art. Maybe you should show them what you have and then they would give you their blessing and then I would buy at least 3 of these.
LA-X is awesome but doesn’t feel like Lost, just a cool aviation ad. I love smokey, Locke, and then it’s a tie between Rousseau’s broadcast and the bunny.

- Karina + 1.22.10 | 9:45 am

i want the bunny poster, so bad. you selling them?

- david + 1.22.10 | 10:30 am

the montand’s arm/radio tower one is brilliant.

- bethany james leigh shady + 1.22.10 | 11:09 am

The Locke poster is my fav, but they’re all really great, iconic representations of the show. Great work.

- Justin + 1.22.10 | 11:30 am

Please sell these. I have an office and a massive LOST email list who would all buy at least, oh, 4 of them each!

- LewisG + 1.22.10 | 12:10 pm

Hi TY,

3,4&6 are my favorites…I am doing a 3 ReNo on my house and need some art for my wall…I would be more than happy to give your talented work a nice home…LeT’S MaKe a DeaL!!

- KoRoBaRo + 1.22.10 | 5:58 pm

Very cool. enjoying number 8. I as well would be interested in making a deal on a poster for our studio. Give me a shout

- Dennis + 1.23.10 | 8:11 am

#7 and #8 are my favs but I think they would look better either with no “LOST” at all or with the font used on the Locke one.
Also think the van one would look way cooler with the Dharma symbol instead of the VW logo.
#1 is my third favorite, followed by the smoke monster one.
Are you gonna sell them? I´d buy #7 and #8 for sure, maybe #1.
Keep up the great work!

- Roswell + 1.23.10 | 10:13 am

6 is my definite favorite! Then #7. And #1,2 and 3. WELL DONE! You’re a talented artist:)

- Michelle + 1.23.10 | 11:45 am

Some great art you created! My faves are #1 and #8.

- Robert Murphy + 1.23.10 | 1:06 pm

I would buy these for sure. 1, 7 & 8 are my favs.

- Johnny Hugel + 1.24.10 | 10:47 am

I like all of em, but my favorite is the one with just the numbers. My other other two top picks are the one with the hand and the one with the eye.

- Jordan Mollot + 1.24.10 | 8:53 pm

Sell these, man! The one with the two Lockes and the coffin is amazing

- Felipe + 1.25.10 | 9:10 am

Great designs on all of these. I hope if you do reproduce these however, you spell “premiere” right.

- Michael + 1.25.10 | 12:16 pm

#1 is the best! they’re all awesome. hope they are for sale soon.

- natdrive + 1.25.10 | 2:00 pm

Very nice. Really like the retro feel to them.

- mercutiom + 1.25.10 | 3:26 pm

Wow. Extremely well executed. Like so many others, I would love to be able to purchase almost any one of these as a poster. Nice.

- Amber + 1.25.10 | 4:25 pm

Please sell these. They will go wonderfully with my Vietnam propaganda posters. Please.

- Melia + 1.25.10 | 4:57 pm

Very cool. I love them all, but especially the bunny and Smokey. Great job!

- Erin + 1.25.10 | 5:21 pm

love love love the buses! :)

- stacy + 1.25.10 | 6:16 pm

Like the Locke poster! Great Job.. My wife was like, cool, I want more time to do stuff like that…. fun things that don’t pay and fuel your creativity.

- Brian White + 1.25.10 | 8:12 pm

these are all great! i especially like 2 and5. and yeah. if you’re selling i’m buying! sign me up.

- Camille in Slovenia + 1.25.10 | 10:50 pm

Awesome! The bunny is my favorite! (The face is a close second.)

- Roze + 1.26.10 | 12:31 am

Seriously, can I get a t-shirt? I want the smoke monster one on a t-shirt. You or Cafe Press. Contact me please, I’m very serious! But would not want to infringe on your artistic/intellectual property.

- Tammy + 1.26.10 | 3:33 am

These are awesome, the bunny rabbit is my favourite, I would definitely buy if they were available.

- Emmy-Lou + 1.26.10 | 3:48 am

SO wicked. Simple, Effective. LOVE the rabbit and the vans the best. And what Tammy said – I would LOVE one of these on a t-shirt!

- Ali Moorhead + 1.26.10 | 5:01 am

Wow these are great! I’d love to buy these as prints or tshirts as some have said. Please consider it! My favorites are the Jack/Locke, the eye and purple smokey. There’s also something about the rabbit that I’m totally drawn too. Well done!! Here’s to a great final season :)

- Amy + 1.26.10 | 5:58 am

absolutely would love to purchase all of these.

- travis + 1.26.10 | 6:23 am

These are all really striking. I think the first one is my favorite.

- Geans + 1.26.10 | 6:57 am

I absolutely adore Bunny No. 8!!! Are you selling these posters?!

- Joanna + 1.26.10 | 7:36 am


- Joshua + 1.26.10 | 8:47 am

#1 is just brilliant. It epitomizes what great graphic design is all about: simple, yet highly communicative. I hope to see you produce these for purchase!

- Matt + 1.26.10 | 9:44 am

Will buy all of them. NEED to have all of them.

- Marjorie + 1.26.10 | 10:23 am

the one w/ the radio tower and the one w/ the smoke monster are the best, but they are all incredible. PLEASE tell me you’re going to produce these and sell them. I will totally buy! You are an amazing artist.

- Phil + 1.26.10 | 10:54 am

#7 all the way

- ReverendMilo + 1.26.10 | 10:55 am

the first one. definitely the first one. thanks for pumping me up for the premiere!

- sam + 1.26.10 | 11:10 am

PHE-NOM-IH-NAL! Gorgeous assortment. My fave is LAX – it all started w/a flight, right? (Though the VW vans are hilarious.)

- Martrese + 1.26.10 | 11:33 am

Where can I buy number three? Love it! maybe the VW one as well?

- Chris + 1.26.10 | 12:10 pm

These are fantastic! Great work!

- Miranda + 1.26.10 | 12:53 pm

I’d love high-res versions of these to print and hang up or frame. They’re awesome.

- Melissa + 1.26.10 | 2:10 pm

Honestly, I like these better than any of the ones in the hiatus poster sale.

- Allie + 1.26.10 | 2:49 pm

The VW buses is, for me, the greatest one! I would really buy one if I could!

- Laís + 1.26.10 | 6:05 pm

Dude these are simply amazing. I bow to you.

- Robert M + 1.26.10 | 7:04 pm

Anyway I could pay get these ordered or printed out in time for next week’s premiere? Please message me if possible!

- Abby + 1.26.10 | 7:57 pm

Print these immediately! They will sell. You can even do some kind of Haiti donation spot with them. THOU SHALT SELL!

- NOISEWATER + 1.26.10 | 8:58 pm

Very cool. #1 is my fave.

- Brad + 1.26.10 | 9:29 pm

These are so amazing! I’d buy a print.

- t + 1.26.10 | 10:03 pm

Someone tweeted a link to your blog last week and since then I think we’ve managed to post links at most LOST boards/blogs/sites. And best of all, Jorge Garcia actually posted pics in his own blog on Monday.

- ObFuSc8 + 1.26.10 | 11:22 pm

The fourth one looks like the new Third Eye Blind album.

- Danny + 1.27.10 | 12:27 am

I would buy the entire set.

- Bryan + 1.27.10 | 1:27 am

I love number 4, but then again I would pay money for any one of these.

- Brittany + 1.27.10 | 5:43 am

genial! loved it!

- cristina + 1.27.10 | 8:23 am

Wow — get these for SALE ASAP. I’ll buy.

- steve + 1.27.10 | 8:36 am

#1 it’s a masterpiece!!

- david cr + 1.27.10 | 8:53 am

I’m with everyone else. Would love to purchase them

- Brian + 1.27.10 | 8:59 am

2 and 5 are my favorites although they’re all awesome… I’d pay for some screen prints!

- Luke + 1.27.10 | 9:15 am

Sell these! I want them all!

- Cris + 1.27.10 | 9:56 am

I’m a huge fan, too and also a graphic designer. I love these! Beautiful! You should definitely sell them. My faves are the dual Locke heads & the Bunny. Great work!

- Monika + 1.27.10 | 10:40 am

totally awesome !!!!!!!!!

- max.milion + 1.27.10 | 11:11 am

love the bunny!

- laura + 1.27.10 | 11:39 am

I would love these blown up or as tshirts, will you consider it?

- Ali + 1.27.10 | 1:23 pm

I run a screen printing shop and I’d love to print some of these for you, that last 2 color of the vans in particular. These are quite fantastic in every way, shape, and form. Kudos!

- Ryan Beye + 1.27.10 | 4:28 pm

I LOVE the first two. Would love copies of these!

- Jesse + 1.27.10 | 4:47 pm

2 and 4 are my favorites, but they’re all rad!

- brandy. + 1.27.10 | 5:03 pm

I totally love the one with the hippie bus.. Or hippie buses.

- dazy + 1.27.10 | 5:46 pm

I love them all. Inspiring!

- Traci + 1.27.10 | 6:55 pm

Wow, these are fantastic! My favorites are #1, 2 and 3.

When can we buy them? :)

- Myo + 1.28.10 | 6:24 am

#1 is my fave. I want it now.

- Becca Leigh + 1.28.10 | 8:54 am

I need to buy these!!! Let me know when they are available.

- Melissa Birkeland + 1.28.10 | 11:00 am

Dude I will totally buy that epic Locke poster!! HIt me up when I can get my hands on one!

- Brenner Schmitt + 1.28.10 | 7:05 pm

I think 1, 2, and 7 are my favorites. Very smart work. If you ever produce these, I would totally love to own #7.

- Natalie + 1.29.10 | 9:02 am

#1 & #4 are great! To bad these arnt screen prints.

- E + 1.29.10 | 9:04 am

…speechless…they are amazing. but…# 1& 7 are beautiful.

will you be selling these anytime soon or at all?

- Fredi + 1.29.10 | 3:32 pm

They’re all great, but I think the first one is my fav; Locke just makes the show for me!

- teresa + 1.29.10 | 7:43 pm

great work
first two are the best, imo
loved them

- Sérgio + 1.29.10 | 10:04 pm

are these posters for sale?

- guilherme + 1.30.10 | 6:33 am

Are these for sale anywhere???

- Amanda + 1.30.10 | 6:14 pm

Wow, these really are incredibly amazing. I don’t know what else to say, but that all this fan art that seems to be popping up for the final season is making me CRAZY excited!
Thanks for sharing it, dude.

- Drew Linne + 1.31.10 | 7:30 am

I love the bunny one as well as the smoke monster!

- Faith + 1.31.10 | 1:46 pm

the first one looks almost exactly like my friend’s 7″ cover, http://www.victimoftime.com/media/images/dutchessandduke.jpg

- Carlos + 2.1.10 | 1:26 pm

As a LOST and design fanatic, I totally appreciate these incredible pieces. The Smoke Monster would be proud.

- Jennifer + 2.1.10 | 2:21 pm

Very Vertigo! I like the VW buses one best. Not sure what the first depicts…

- Michelle + 2.1.10 | 4:02 pm

1, 2 and 7!
Fantastic work!

- Nico + 2.2.10 | 12:34 am


- mike + 2.2.10 | 6:38 am

superb !

- dr mum + 2.2.10 | 7:09 am

Wow..really digging the posters!
Know lots of Art Directors…very creative.

- fred castillo + 2.2.10 | 9:03 am

brilliant! (the #1 and #2 are my favorites)

- sebastián santana + 2.2.10 | 10:07 am

these are absolutely fantastic! i would buy them all, especially if they were screen printed!

- lizzy + 2.2.10 | 1:14 pm

Please get these printed if they clear copyright! I could ABC getting stingy about the dharma logo. Thanks Ty

- Evan + 2.2.10 | 3:30 pm

Ty, Loe the posters!! As a Super Lost Fan myself I love the subtle Lost themes in a clean and simple presentation. Well done!!

- Doug Elliott + 2.2.10 | 3:41 pm

I like #4 and #5 the best. I don’t get #3…

- K + 2.2.10 | 4:59 pm

these are fantastic. I’d love to have a few of them printed (If pressed, my favorites are Smokey, the Bunny, LAX, and the vans.

- josh + 2.2.10 | 6:58 pm

I’d love to buy one of these if you ever print them.

- ashley + 2.3.10 | 8:39 am

Just excellent. Not iin the usual Lost style, but each poster means so much if you are a Lost fan.

- Steve + 2.3.10 | 9:08 am

O.M.G. SO freaking awesome! #5 is my favorite. And would make a great graduation gift…

- theresa + 2.3.10 | 1:40 pm

Hey Ty! I am a Brazilian designer and a Lost fan! I posted your posters on my blog with credits, ok? And I love the double face, the bunny and the numbers, but the smoke is great too!

- Filipe + 2.3.10 | 2:14 pm

Sorry about the late call! Great work!

- Joe Prior + 2.3.10 | 7:51 pm

These are just phenomenal! Is there any way I could buy one? I just adore the one with Locke and the one with the #8 bunny!

- Susan + 2.4.10 | 8:15 pm

I would buy every single one of these.

- h + 2.4.10 | 9:45 pm

Yes, the first three…and the bunny. So awesome, when can we buy?

- Emily + 2.5.10 | 11:34 am

print and sell’em !
Very nice.

- Scott + 2.5.10 | 12:01 pm

Can you print and sell? I would love to buy–londynka@yahoo.com

- London Fajkus + 2.5.10 | 2:26 pm

Sweet! VERY awesome.

- Jamie Bowers + 2.5.10 | 2:38 pm

How do I buy these?

- Kip + 2.6.10 | 10:04 pm

Whoa… Ty, so beautiful! I love how they tell a story…

- Brian Somers + 2.7.10 | 12:07 pm

I love the numbers poster…Are they for sale?

- Justin + 2.10.10 | 9:24 am

Please Sell These!!

- Dan + 2.10.10 | 2:55 pm

Hugs from Chile.

- Sariel Leon + 2.11.10 | 9:03 am

Please print and sell these!!! I absolutely love the Locke one.

- Chelsea + 2.11.10 | 10:44 pm

absolutely great! Love all of them. I agree that you should sell these, let us know if you decide to, would love to buy some

- challeste + 2.14.10 | 5:26 am

1,3,4,7 & 8 are my favorite. I’m a Lostie too! I think overall you capture the story in all of them. Are you going to sale them???

- Priscilla + 2.16.10 | 7:14 am

Awesome! Love the first one the most, but also like Smokey, the 8 Rabbit, and the Dharma vans. Great job!

- Sean + 2.16.10 | 1:30 pm

Print these up big on some nice thick card I’ll buy at least the first three right away.

- Jim Whimpey + 2.16.10 | 5:42 pm

Well done! The wife and I just looked through ’em and discussed the origins of all the symbols as a way to get psyched up for tonight’s episode! Yikes! It’s about to start—gotta go!

- Shawn Hazen + 2.16.10 | 6:08 pm

hi! nice work, but what you’ll say about this:
is it your “inspiration”?

- kejs + 2.17.10 | 3:52 am

really, lock poster was my favourite one..
and than i saw that:

- kejs + 2.17.10 | 3:57 am

I am using the purple LOST poster (#4) as my icon on Facebook and credited you below it. Your LOST work is amazing. Namaste!

- Toni + 2.17.10 | 10:58 am

I WANT!!!!! I want the rabbit one!
I have 2 rabbits, this would be perfect… perfect marraige of my love of rabbits and LOST

- nicole spaz + 2.18.10 | 4:53 pm

I’d buy all of them in poster form and Frame the dang things. lets me know when I can.

- Ryan B + 2.23.10 | 10:24 pm

love the second one. So cool!

- ZAINAB + 2.27.10 | 8:13 am

theres a huge demand for these! start selling some prints!

- Jack + 2.28.10 | 7:32 am

Absolutely fabulous. I just found these, and I agree with everyone that you should be selling prints and t-shirts! I hope that you’ve been enjoying the last season as much as I have.

I’m going to feature these on my blog today and link back to you.


- Kendall Simmons + 3.1.10 | 12:39 pm

These are fantastic!! Really love them all – you have a great style. I know they did a cool series of Lost posters that sold out immediately – so I was bummed I couldn’t get one. Looks like I may have another shot with yours!

- Piper + 3.8.10 | 12:30 pm

Please produce them! I want one of each!

- Matt + 3.11.10 | 12:03 pm

Can we buy them? I would love to have prints of them!

- nick + 3.30.10 | 7:31 am

Just to reiterate for the zillionth time what everyone else is shouting from the rooftops, these designs are mindblowing, and even in this current fad of retro minimalism, your work seems to stand apart by capturing that seductive, yet dark romance of the world we have all been stumbling around in for what feels like both yesterday and an eternity – so, thank you so much for sharing – like everyone else, I would love to be able to display ALL OF THEM in my apartment, but if supplies are limited, smoke monster and locke please!

- Evan + 4.4.10 | 9:10 pm

#1 is #1. May I show it in my blog?

- defer73 + 4.5.10 | 8:45 am

great designs with indinviudual touch!

- Werbeagentur Siegen + 4.13.10 | 1:39 am

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