Season 6 in Black and White

I was completely blown away by the response to the first set of Lost-inspired designs I created. Thanks to everyone who left a comment or sent me an email. I tried to reply to each person individually, but if you didn’t hear from me – thank you for all the compliments. Since I got such a great feedback on the first batch of artwork (and as a huge fan of the show), I decided to create a another series. To commemorate the final season, I will create one design for each episode. I will add the new art to this post, after the show airs, so check back on Wednesdays to see the latest show-inspired design.

[ UPDATE 5/20: All of the original Lost-inspired designs I created as well as other merchandise will be available on the day after the finale! ]


What Kate Does

The Substitute



Dr. Linus


Ab Aeterno

The Package

Happily Ever After

Everybody Loves Hugo

The Last Recruit

The Candidate

Across the Sea

What They Died For

The End

- Ty + 4.6.10 | 1:28 pm


So, so sweet. I love the black & white theme.

- Aaron + 4.6.10 | 1:41 pm

Awesome Ty!

- m. Brady Clark + 4.6.10 | 1:47 pm

are you kidding me? Ridiculous!

- josh elliott + 4.6.10 | 1:47 pm

Okay, now you’re just showing off.

- Hippo Brigade + 4.6.10 | 1:56 pm

So awesome!

- Chris + 4.6.10 | 2:45 pm

still on my list to see… season 6 that is… looks great!

- Brian White + 4.6.10 | 2:58 pm

These will be timeless! Great work!

- Ty Wilkins + 4.6.10 | 4:10 pm

BRILLIANT Stuff Ty! Your earlier posters featured in my Lost Inspired Artwork series and I am going to link to these too. You are a legend man!

- Sneh Roy + 4.6.10 | 5:37 pm

great work dude! also, please let us know how the show ends haha.

- Justin Bernard + 4.7.10 | 12:22 am

Awesome. I only use B&W backgrounds on my desktop so I love this ones.

- drelo + 4.7.10 | 6:53 am

So great, Ty. Love them all.

- Emily + 4.7.10 | 12:53 pm

Ty! Awesome! Can’t wait to see the what else you come up with for the remaining eps.

- Matt Roeser + 4.7.10 | 2:17 pm

Be careful…you don’t want to pigeon hole yourself as the ‘lost poster’ guy…but these are incredible.

- -kkalashian + 4.7.10 | 6:19 pm

he’d hardly be pigeon holed. all of his work is amazing. can’t wait to see the entire series!!

- James Martin + 4.7.10 | 7:21 pm

Awesome as always!!! I’m a huge admirer of your work!

- Júlia + 4.8.10 | 1:34 pm

Great work Ty! The handcuff one is especially cool. Can’t wait to see more from you as the season moves on!

- Erik - Flyergoodness + 4.8.10 | 8:06 pm

Really fantastic work! What Kate Does is excellent, as is Dr. Linus

- Michael B. Myers Jr. + 4.9.10 | 5:16 pm

Please get prints of these made. I would love small poster sized versions of almost all of these… especially the Happily Ever After one. You are amazing.

- Chris Baker + 4.9.10 | 5:16 pm

bad ass. love the overall theme.

- Brad + 4.9.10 | 9:44 pm

Very nice!

- Hersh + 4.10.10 | 1:12 pm

Thanks for all of the compliments! Yeah, I was thinking that at the end of the season I would have each one printed as a small 6×9 silkscreen on black paper and then make the whole set available. Would you guys be interested in that vs single larger prints? Let me know. Post a comment or send me an email and I will add you to the interest list and you’ll be first to know when they become available. Thanks!

- Ty + 4.10.10 | 2:26 pm

Ok, so the more I look at “recon” the less I like it. I think I will redo that one. I’m open to suggestions on what you think the iconic visual for that episode was. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

- Ty + 4.10.10 | 2:31 pm

These are REALLY really awesome. :D

- Kayla + 4.10.10 | 4:46 pm

what up Ty. I’m definitely interested in a set of small prints. add me to the list!

- James Martin + 4.10.10 | 7:18 pm

I think I would be interested in 6 x 9. not a lot of wall space at my place. Is it ok if I post some of these on my facebook profile w/ a link to your site? I’d love to share with people.

- Hersh + 4.11.10 | 7:34 am

I LOVE the Recon one, Ty, it´s my favorite! Next would be the Ab Aeterno and the Happily Ever After ones.
Keep up the great job!
Ps- Yeah, I´d be interested in small prints rather than big ones of these. I´m also interested in the coloured ones you did first. :)

- Roswell + 4.12.10 | 11:19 am

All amazing, but my favorite is probably “Lighthouse” – incredible how you can make shattered glass still clearly look like a number.

- Michelle Doerr + 4.12.10 | 12:09 pm

These are awesome! My favourite is definitely the “Recon” one though – the badge in the centre of the flower! So perfect for Sawyer! (er… I mean “James”)

- Jenn L + 4.12.10 | 1:34 pm

‘Happy Ever After’ is my favorite, and is the wallpaper on my computer right now. Beautiful. Still hoping for posters of the original ones. :)

- Toni + 4.12.10 | 4:55 pm

excited to see your rendition for tonight’s episode!

- James Martin + 4.13.10 | 8:00 pm

REALLY enjoying this series as well. As I scrolled through I liked each one more. There’s something very sweet about The Package. I’d be interested in buying the set (and/or single larger prints) at the end of the series. Keep up the great work.

- Amy + 4.14.10 | 9:57 am

and the hits keep comin!

- m. Brady Clark + 4.14.10 | 10:58 am

Everybody Loves Chicken.

- Aaron + 4.14.10 | 11:16 am

nicely done! love it.

- James Martin + 4.14.10 | 1:24 pm

The drumstick makes me happy.

- Jeff Mattson + 4.15.10 | 10:15 am

I’d definitely love to be added to the list when you star printing. Thanks!

- Courtney + 4.18.10 | 2:59 pm

Another great series. Speaking of series, did you hear that the night of the Lost series finale is going to be like FIVE HOURS of Lost?! There’s a prefunk show, the finale, and then the cast on Jimmy Kimmel after or something. EPIC!

- Shawn Hazen + 4.20.10 | 8:51 am


- JD + 4.21.10 | 9:16 am

nice! i like this one more than the alternates; nice choice!

- James Martin + 4.21.10 | 10:06 pm

yes, smaller prints as a set would be awesome!

- Brad + 4.26.10 | 8:57 pm

R-A-D. i’ll cast my vote for the smaller print as an entire set idea. very cool man.

- greg + 5.7.10 | 2:02 pm

These are really strong pieces. The The Candidate is my favorite. Keep up the good work.

- Andy Young + 5.9.10 | 8:50 pm

I would love to get them all! Please add me to your interest list!

- Loster21 + 5.10.10 | 5:46 pm

I would love to get them all as a set in smaller prints…but individuals would be great too for those with not a lot of wall space. These are utterly fantastic!!!!! Dr. Linus and Happily Ever After = AWESOME!. Please put me on your interest list.

- Beth + 5.13.10 | 8:19 am

You’re the man. I’m going to post a link to this on my FB and Twitter. And I’m going to order that Dual-Locke poster when it prints, as promised earlier.

- Burton Durand + 5.16.10 | 12:38 pm

beautiful work. I admired this art, congratulations!

- Ricardo Martins + 5.16.10 | 2:51 pm

Please add me to the list of those interested in prints. Personally I think it would be better to do individual prints instead of a set, that way people could get the ones they like. I would LOVE an 18×24 of The Substitute or Ab Aeterno. Not only do they sum up the episodes, but the series as a whole. Awesome job, I’m very impressed.

- Wes Sinor + 5.16.10 | 6:05 pm

What They Died For is one of the best of your series. They are to die for.

- Jeremy Bentham + 5.20.10 | 3:48 pm

4 x 6 set of these would be NICE.

- James Martin + 5.21.10 | 9:49 am

Add me to the list of interested parties :D A single print with them all would be best for me since I am getting all other ones as well :P

- Matt + 5.26.10 | 10:15 am

The End. Bravo. :D

- James Martin + 5.27.10 | 12:47 pm

These are great. I am a Graphic Designer as well, and have been obsessed with Lost for 6 years. Great work.
Very interested

- Jacob Parr + 6.1.10 | 10:18 am

Fantastic. Every single one. Bravo, Mr. Mattson. I agree with everyone else. smaller prints sold in a set. Put me on the list to buy when they’re ready!

- Ben + 8.5.10 | 9:14 am

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