Metal Furniture Tags for Pocono Modern

pocono modern furniture tags

Just got these custom metal tags back from the printer. They turned out great! I designed these for the new Pocono Modern furniture. Each piece in the line is custom-made and will feature these logo tags.

- Ty + 1.18.10 | 9:52 am


Nice! those are hot…

- Brent + 1.18.10 | 5:28 pm

The no. 8 bunny is it! Hands down. Simplicity at its finest.

- Tmack + 1.21.10 | 8:57 am

Realy would like the bunny, im form the netherlands so will probably never happen but please contact me if you are gonna sell cause i’m in love with the bunny..

locke one is also very cool would buy it aswell but the text on the bottom has to be removed… cause i aint coming to you party ^^

- robbie hagen (netherlands) + 1.23.10 | 5:47 am

It’s really GOOD! I love the first one with J. Lock
What I love is the ideas of your posters!

- Georgios Maillis + 1.24.10 | 8:57 am

You do great work. Like these tags. Would you be able to share who produced them? I would love to have a vendor like that on file. Thanks!!

- Kevin Flores + 3.3.10 | 3:17 pm

Very slick!

- Erik + 4.19.10 | 9:08 pm

wow! metal furniture tags are looking really amazing!. You did really an innovative job. Design is simply awesome. I’m planning to have this kind of fantastic metal tags for my furniture shops.. thanks for sharing this post.

- Michelle@metal tags + 6.27.14 | 10:35 am


I am on the Air Force Ball committee.
We want to have small aluminium tags made as gifts for our servicemen.
We have a $4 budget per item, and need 500 of the following made:

size 7″ x 4″
color aluminum
verbiage Joint Base McGuire Dix Lakehurst
emblem JBMDL emblem
verbiage Air Force Ball 2016

Does not have to have color, but writing on the tag (per above).
It should look like a dog tag (attached).
Please let me know if you can help us,


- charlotte + 5.18.16 | 8:23 am

I congratulate you for being very good. I want some equal

- chat xxx Espa├▒a + 6.10.18 | 7:07 pm

Greetings from LA!

- Chow breeder + 6.17.20 | 4:30 pm
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