Judging the 2012 HOW Poster Competition

I was honored to be asked by HOW Magazine to judge their 2012 Poster Competition. I reviewed hundreds of entries and saw a lot of really great work. It was hard to just choose 10 entries, but the posters below are the best of the best. Congratulations to the winners.

The Old Spice series of posters immediately stood out as the best in show. In my opinion, the best posters are the ones that do the most with the least, and this is a great example of that. No copy and one color with simple, unexpected and intriguing visuals. This is simply a brilliant series.

Designers: Landor, Cincinnati: Gerhard Koenderink, Joe Napier, Jay Hoffman, Jeff Maurer, Barbara Carlotta, Jens Martesen, Stacey Dunaway

This series was striking; a fantastic illustration that is bold and balanced. I couldn’t look away.

Designer: Graham Erwin Design, Columbus, OH


I thought this was genius. I loved that the designer took the environment into consideration when creating this poster. This print challenges your conception of how to see and what to look at. The result is astounding. A smart solution, that smacks of Saagmeister. Bravo.

Designer: Boyce McClellan



This print immediately caught my attention. Bold overlapping color and the graphic hand and eyes are striking and seem to play perfectly off of the title, “Beast in a Neon Cage.” As with many posters, all of the type creates an unnecessary distraction, but I loved the vibrant nature of the poster overall.

Designer: Jon Wong, Hillsborough, CA


There isn’t anything I don’t love about this print. Great illustration. Incredible use of two-colors. Amazing texture. Beautiful type. Perfect.

Designers: Camp Firebelly: Alysha Balog, Annabelle Choi, Arjun Harrison-Mann, Colin Denney, Jince Kuruvilla, Lindsay Kaser, Mandi Smith, Monica Ray, Raphael Alexander Cala, Skye McNeill


A great poster will make you stop in your tracks. The combination of bright colors, bold illustration, and clever text make this poster a print a success. I’d hang this in my office.

Designers: FAME: Bruce Edwards, Eric Weiss, Chelsea Brink, Chris Yocum


Loved this self-promotional piece from FAME exploring the mechanics of creativity. It’s hard to be smart and funny. This concept is both humorous and well executed. I love compilation illustrations like this that invite a viewer to engage and explore all of the creative details of the print.

Designers: FAME: Bruce Edwards, Erik Herberg, Kara Connolly


This is another great example of a poster solution that forces the viewer to engage, look harder, and “discover” the concept. A strong idea that is as smart as it is simple.

Designers: FAME: Bruce Edwards, Erik Herberg


A perfect balance of simple and complex, this print is intriguing.

Designers: Kate Thomas & Dave Whitley

Bold and bright, this series is eye-catching and fun.

Designers: Johnny Two Tone Club: Marcus Taylor, Ben Hagley, Leah Dent, Duncan Roylance, Angela Mitchell, Michelle Leslie, Brendan Hibbert, Dan McKeating, Bec McKeating

- Ty + 11.29.11 | 1:19 pm


Cool stuff Ty!

- Cameron Jackson + 12.2.11 | 3:09 pm

Thanks for sharing! Must have been tough to pick your top posters

- Bryan Mazzarello + 3.1.12 | 6:32 pm

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Thanks for sharing! Must have been tough to pick your top posters

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Thanks for sharing! Must have been tough to pick your top posters

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