Thought For Food

This was a fun project for a great client. Lunar is an incredible multidisciplinary design firm with offices in California, Europe and Hong Kong. I worked with their San Francisco team to develop a brand campaign around a student competition that they held. At this year’s IDSA conference in Portland, Lunar challenged students to rethink the way we transport food by creating a container made from found objects. I developed the name and logo for the competition, and applied the identity to posters, t-shirts, tags and cards.

Since the theme of the conference was DIY, I proposed that they actually print the campaign internally instead of hiring it out. The Lunar team was so excited to experiment with screen printing, they wound up creating all of the pieces of the campaign themselves. So cool!

- Ty + 10.6.10 | 2:51 pm


So simple and elegant. Well done!

- Chelsea Morris + 11.5.10 | 11:06 am

great project, I like the design on the cards and on the shirts. I congratulate you because you are very talented

- Ana Morris + 3.28.18 | 8:50 am

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