Speaking Engagement at CBU


Later this month I will be speaking on design at CalBaptist University. I was honored to be asked to share and I’m looking forward to meeting the students in the program. Hopefully I won’t be too boring. The plan is to keep it short, show lots of work and get to the Q & A. Should be fun. Go CBU! (What is the CBU mascot? I’m writing this on a plane so I can’t check. It’s a Christian school so I’m going to guess it’s an Eagle.)

- Ty + 9.10.09 | 10:46 pm


It’s the CBU lancers.
Eagle was a good guess..

- Jess + 9.11.09 | 12:40 pm

Nice. Thanks. Go Lancers!

- Ty + 9.11.09 | 1:12 pm

You’re kind of a big deal.

- Hippo Brigade + 9.11.09 | 5:22 pm

Good luck.

- Aaron Martin + 9.16.09 | 6:12 am

May the force be with you

- Justin Bernard + 9.16.09 | 3:45 pm

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Excited to hear about your design escapades at CalBaptist University! Fingers crossed you won’t put the students into a design-induced nap. And my money’s on the mascot being an Eagle – because nothing says ‘Christian school’ like a majestic bird of prey! #wodaiogien

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