Dexter-Inspired Posters

So…after Lost finished I started to get into Dexter…and I have to say, I’m a big fan! I was so inspired that I decided to create one poster design for each season – highlighting the iconic moments from the show. This idea took a little longer than I thought but I love how they turned out. Let me know what you think!

Leave a comment and let me know if you’d be interested in these prints. Thinking about doing a limited edition. Follow me on Twitter or check back to the blog and I will let you know when we make them available. Thanks!


Rachel Nicole, just left a comment on this post mentioning the potential for this art as DVD packaging. I thought it was a great idea, so I mocked up this concept. How cool would this be as a collector’s edition?

- Ty + 10.6.10 | 5:19 pm



- Kyle Butler + 10.6.10 | 5:29 pm


- Kyle Butler + 10.6.10 | 5:29 pm

Awesome Ty! No nude John Lithgow for season 4’s print? And I love the previous commenter posting as Kyle Butler.

- Matt Roeser + 10.6.10 | 5:35 pm

Amazing! I definitely want one…but how to choose WHICH one??

- Danielle + 10.6.10 | 5:41 pm

These are absolutely gorgeous. Do want.

- Joe + 10.6.10 | 5:47 pm

I’m a huge Dexter fan and think these are great! Season 1 is especially masterful :)

- Colleen + 10.6.10 | 5:49 pm

I have never seen the show (!) but these are visually spectacular. Great job Ty! Not that I expected otherwise after your ‘Lost’ poster series…

- Jarhead + 10.6.10 | 5:58 pm

You are brilliant. And brilliant. Oh, and brilliant. I love these just as much as I love Dex.

- Rina Miele + 10.6.10 | 6:29 pm

These are fabulous — beautiful, colorful, and full of recognizable moments from the show.

- Kit O'Connell + 10.6.10 | 6:29 pm

very cool! I would definitely buy one of these prints! The colors and the iconic moments represented are perfect.

- Lauren + 10.6.10 | 6:33 pm

I want a print of the first one!!

- Amer Weinberg + 10.6.10 | 6:40 pm

these are incredible!

- leigh + 10.6.10 | 6:55 pm

These are awesome! Each one is great on its own, but a 4 print mini-set type thing would be so cool! I’d buy them for sure!

- Adam + 10.6.10 | 7:08 pm

These are so beautifully designed and funny! I definitely want one!

- Ann + 10.6.10 | 8:07 pm

These are AMAZING!!! I want all four!

- Jensen + 10.6.10 | 8:11 pm

I would LOVE a print of one (or all) of these! Especially the one inspired by Rita’s murder. Please print!!

- Zane David + 10.6.10 | 8:37 pm

Such amazing work! They capture each season so perfectly…would definitely love to own some! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for this season!

- Emi + 10.6.10 | 8:46 pm

These posters are so amazing. I love design AND Dexter. I would totally buy some of these and post them in my home!!

- Jana Morgan + 10.6.10 | 9:00 pm

I love them all, but probably Season 2 is my favorite. Would love to know if you decided to sell prints.

- Fedeghost + 10.6.10 | 9:02 pm

I need all of them. NEED.

- Jason + 10.6.10 | 11:15 pm

the ultimate tribute of one of my fav tv shows ever!

- Stef + 10.7.10 | 1:50 am

Definately would buy these if they were prints! Maybe do a package price for all of them? Either way, would love to have these hanging up at my apartment.

Good work!

- Henry + 10.7.10 | 3:32 am

This is a hell of a job !!!
Congratulations! I love all the details!!!

I would really love to order in big sizes!

I posted an article about your posters on my french Dexter website :

Well done again!


- Mook + 10.7.10 | 6:03 am

Definitely would buy one!

Let us know where we can get them from online!

Nice work!

- Emily Wray + 10.7.10 | 8:56 am

Love those! Would definitely want one.

- Chandra + 10.7.10 | 9:00 am

Hell yeah we want

- Patswerk + 10.7.10 | 9:09 am

Great work Ty, I love how all the illustrations for each season come together so nicely, like some sort of dark children’s storybook.

I tried getting into Dexter after LOST also, but it didnt work for me. However, these posters are fantastic.

- Flyer Goodness + 10.7.10 | 9:13 am

Where is the “buy” button?

- Amy Stoddard + 10.7.10 | 9:43 am

I love them. So beautiful. (I write for the show – you freaking nailed each and every season – contact me and I’ll send you some Dex swag).

- Scott Reynolds + 10.7.10 | 10:07 am


- Tara Whitney + 10.7.10 | 10:19 am

I would buy one.

- Jay + 10.7.10 | 10:20 am


These Dexter posters are KILLING it. Love that show, great concept and excellent EXECUTION. Color palette? TO DIE FOR.

- Curtis Jinkins + 10.7.10 | 10:27 am

….and the Ty Mattson amazement continues!

- Karen Griffin + 10.7.10 | 10:30 am

These are absolutely amazing! Kudos for the great work. Hoping to see these available for purchase sometime!

PS – Also a LOSTie who came across Dexter as the next best thing ;)

- Steven + 10.7.10 | 10:36 am

Oh I would DEFINITELY be interested in these prints! It would be great if you could buy them individually, or have a package deal where you can get them all together. They’re AWESOME!

- Lenore + 10.7.10 | 10:53 am

These are absolutely amazing! I would love to own everyone of these!

- Tim + 10.7.10 | 12:02 pm

I love ALL of them! What great work! I’d def buy one!

- Barb + 10.7.10 | 12:03 pm

Im sorry but these posters should be printed and sold asap. Id like some =]

- Shawn t + 10.7.10 | 12:04 pm

these were amazing. and you made them yourself?! wooow. great job man.

- James + 10.7.10 | 12:08 pm

Great job. Simple, yet covers everything! Love them. They should be DVD inserts for each of teh seasons or something.

- Rachel Nicole + 10.7.10 | 12:09 pm


- mariola + 10.7.10 | 12:13 pm

In just one word: EXCELLENT!!!

- Alberto Retegui + 10.7.10 | 12:16 pm

Are you kidding me?!?! These are amazing! My hubs and I LOVE Dexter … and these posters are SOOO perfect! :o)

- Ravyn + 10.7.10 | 1:06 pm

awesome work.

how much are you selling them for?

- John + 10.7.10 | 1:18 pm

So so so cool. I wish I had the DVDs and Posters!! Showtime- GET ON THIS!!!!!

- Liz + 10.7.10 | 1:20 pm

very very nice. I’d consider a print for the right price.

- arden + 10.7.10 | 1:48 pm

Of course we are interested

- bighorno + 10.7.10 | 1:53 pm

Oh please do it! I’d get all of them

- N J + 10.7.10 | 2:07 pm

Are these going to be in a large print format? That would be great, I’d love to have all 4!

- Natalia + 10.7.10 | 2:09 pm

Would love these as individual posters!
The only thing I think could’ve changed, to make some symmetry between every pic (and as a poster), would be to change the first pic from the ‘We <3 Dexter' to Dexter as the other ones.
Might just be me tho. But The pictures are awesome. Summarizes the seasons perfectly!
Brings back some great memories. Looking forward to see more of your work!

- Matt + 10.7.10 | 2:17 pm

Aw yeah! I’d get these for sure.

- Wilson + 10.7.10 | 2:20 pm

I <3 Desxter 2!
Amazing prints!

- MBRC + 10.7.10 | 2:44 pm

I want…. Make it happen… but make a package deal for all 4… if they are $25 each im not in for all… do buy 4 get one free… then im in…

- Brian + 10.7.10 | 3:27 pm

I would definitely but them, they have are amazing and classy.

- Chris + 10.7.10 | 3:46 pm

Definitely interested. But like some people already said, make it a package deal. These are amazing!

- McKenna + 10.7.10 | 4:31 pm

do it! yes please! they’re amazing :)

- Marcela + 10.7.10 | 4:34 pm

These are brilliant; you are brilliant. I am most definitely interested. I would love them! I’m thinking movie poster size (24×36) would look amazing on my walls! *fingers crossed*

- María + 10.7.10 | 4:35 pm

These are amazing. Just what I was looking for – a classy, interesting poster that reminds me of my favorite show, but isn’t just a big picture of the actors’ faces. I want one (or all four)!

- Arielle + 10.7.10 | 4:53 pm

I would definitely buy these!!

- Kristina + 10.7.10 | 5:53 pm

My mom and I just got into the show last season when we had a free year of Showtime. Now we purchased the channel and are obsessed with the show! You need to sell these!

- Julie + 10.7.10 | 7:00 pm

Uhhhh, these just made my day. Screen these and I’ll buy em. Great job!

- gimpyeyes + 10.7.10 | 7:38 pm



- sarah + 10.7.10 | 8:16 pm

I LOOOOOVE your poster design! They are brilliant. Would be an amazing collector’s edition dvd package. That or just large posters. I would buy!

- Danika + 10.7.10 | 8:23 pm


- Jen + 10.7.10 | 8:32 pm

I would LOVE to buy these posters! They are incredible.

- Brittany + 10.7.10 | 8:45 pm

those are awesome

- shaun + 10.7.10 | 9:17 pm

It looks amazing. I would love to order one.

- Jin + 10.7.10 | 9:52 pm


- Eric claeren + 10.7.10 | 11:21 pm

Amazing, mate. Excelent design.

Keep the good work.


- Luismibauer + 10.8.10 | 12:32 am

pleeeeeeeease put these on sale, and ship to the uk, pretty please!

- Garo + 10.8.10 | 1:02 am

This is beyond AWESOME! Simplistic yet expressive& colourful at the same time! Bravo!!

- HoppyNinja + 10.8.10 | 1:41 am

would love to have these in my home!

- Jenna + 10.8.10 | 3:29 am

Would definitely buy! Love them.

- James Ferguson + 10.8.10 | 3:34 am

These are stunning! I would love to have the chance to get these as a print.

- Jaina + 10.8.10 | 5:33 am

I would buy all 4.

- Rich Allen + 10.8.10 | 5:52 am

YES, I would definitely be into these.

- Beth J + 10.8.10 | 6:18 am

i would buy all of them

- Andrew K. + 10.8.10 | 6:29 am

oh man, i want to be the one to print these.

- nick s + 10.8.10 | 6:59 am

i would love to be able to purchase these!

- Jenni + 10.8.10 | 7:21 am

I’d like them!!!

- Sierra Brennan + 10.8.10 | 7:31 am

I’d buy one too!

- Laura Palese + 10.8.10 | 7:43 am

these are killer! (pun intended…hehe)

- emily o. + 10.8.10 | 9:04 am

OMG!!!! Yes PLEASE! I would LOVE all four! You have to do this, they are absolutley incredible. WOW!

- Lana + 10.8.10 | 9:23 am

Beautiful! One of my favorite TV series. My least favorite season was Season 2, but the poster for that season is probably my favorite. Great job!

- Daniella + 10.8.10 | 9:45 am

Oh I adore these! I would definitely want them!

- Jaimie + 10.8.10 | 9:52 am

yes, yes yes. i want it.

- france + 10.8.10 | 11:09 am


- Mae + 10.8.10 | 11:23 am


- Carrie + 10.8.10 | 1:26 pm

Freakin Awesome!

- M.Hammar + 10.8.10 | 6:33 pm

I want them all… can I buy? I’m ready! :) these are true masterpieces!

- jolie + 10.8.10 | 7:07 pm

Please make tons of these and sell them. I’d buy a package as well.

- Jeremy + 10.9.10 | 5:14 am

Love them all!!! Of course I would buy one but since I don’t live in the USA I’ll just enjoy them here.

- Armando + 10.9.10 | 4:28 pm

Very Saul Bass! Love them!!!

- Jesse + 10.10.10 | 10:01 am

I would like a print!

- Heather + 10.10.10 | 6:34 pm


- stacy + 10.11.10 | 6:29 am

Before I even scrolled down I said “Mad Men!” and my heart started palpating. Oh well, I still like the prints. Lovely.

- teresa + 10.11.10 | 6:54 am

Amazing. Can’t wait to buy one.

- Brian + 10.11.10 | 7:53 am

HEy is there any possibility to get the pics bigger??

- Oomphfreak + 10.11.10 | 10:37 am

Thanks for all of the comments! So cool. Yes! Will have more pictures and details once they are printed!

- Ty + 10.11.10 | 10:48 am

Flippin’ swell…

- Brandon + 10.11.10 | 11:59 am

Q increibles posters son hermosos amazing work

- led + 10.12.10 | 4:38 am

Just for balance . . . meh. I haven’t seen the programme, though.

- Helical Scratch + 10.12.10 | 7:48 am

Love it!

- Jilles Mermans + 10.12.10 | 8:14 am

My husband and I are BIG TIME Fans of Dexter. So much so we were even inclined to bring season 3 DVDs with us on our Honeymoon! Sad, so so sad. Just finished watching season 4 and can’t stop thinking about it. These posters are fantastic great POST!

- Kristen Reid + 10.12.10 | 12:13 pm

Love, love, love! Your style reminds me of Shag, who I also love. Definitely getting a poster when they’re available

- Miki + 10.12.10 | 4:41 pm

very interested in purchasing all 4 prints. keep us updated!

- ommar + 10.12.10 | 7:46 pm

prints! asap!

- bp + 10.13.10 | 1:22 pm

My husband and I love this show and I have to get him this for Christmas! Let me know when I can get them! Awesome!

- McLearen + 10.15.10 | 7:11 am

as DVD packaging? spoiler, don’t you think?

- dohko + 10.18.10 | 8:08 am

I LOVE Dexter, and Miami inspired art and design. This is a great combination of the two. The designs tell the story without giving it all away.

- Lindsay + 10.18.10 | 8:45 am

How is that contract with Showtime going to work? Will you get a cut of the sales or did you sell the designs out right? As a design professional I’m always curious about projects that were essentially “spec” work going into full production and how the designer gets compensated.

- Brian + 10.18.10 | 9:48 am

I would buy these as soon as they came out. They’re absolutely beautiful

- Nita P. + 10.19.10 | 4:20 pm

Awesome work! Love these posters and congrats on meeting the Dexter crew… How cool is that!

- Justin Lancaster + 10.21.10 | 8:29 am

[…] Dexter… “Ok. This is just out-of-control! So the Dexter producers are big fans of the posters I designed. I put the artwork on my blog on a Thursday night, and on Friday morning I started […]

- Ty Mattson Posters + 10.22.10 | 2:30 pm

omg you’re a genius. LOVE these!

- elaine + 10.24.10 | 3:40 pm

Let me know when they’re available! They’re fantastic

- Dave + 10.26.10 | 5:45 pm

uaauuu these posters are awesome!! *–* I want!! congrats for the job! *–*

- Sixa + 11.15.10 | 8:35 am

Amazing!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen more creative Dexter fanart, I love how you’ve incorporated every significant piece from each season into their respective posters :] Spectacular work!

- Sierra + 11.15.10 | 5:05 pm


- Qais Sarhan + 11.29.10 | 3:23 am

When will these be available to buy? I would love the whole poster set for Christmas. I keep checking the Showtime website for them. Please get back to me if you are selling them elsewhere.

- Becca + 12.7.10 | 7:56 pm

All I can say is : These are FANTASTIC!!

- Lisa + 12.12.10 | 9:45 pm

These are absolutely stunning! I love them!

- Adrianna G + 12.18.10 | 10:05 am

These are seriously amazing and I just had to tell you. I’m an aspiring illustrator and when I look at these (as a HUGE Dexter fan myself) they are just spot on and I can’t wait to buy one and hang it on my wall.

- Paul + 1.3.11 | 1:42 am

I want these so bad!

- Holly + 2.8.11 | 7:21 am

Not to put too fine of a point on it, but HELL YEAH to that DVD packaging! I would buy that in a flat second.

- Greg + 2.25.11 | 12:44 pm

[…] ShareVN:F [1.9.7_1111]please wait…Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast)VN:F [1.9.7_1111]Rating: 0 (from 0 […]

[…] from: Dexter-Inspired Posters « Mattson Creative […]

[…] fan of the work that California-based Ty Mattson does. Especially his Dexter inspired series of posters. The concept for these posters inspired me in my own ad composite for HBO Canada. This entry […]

- Ty Mattson | + 2.27.11 | 6:02 pm

[…] via […]

- Bellboy Creative :: Blog + 6.23.11 | 7:00 pm

The icons are amazing! Just love that so much thought went into this, inspiration from different art forms is so necessary within the world art, well done, encore!!!

- Meme + 7.15.11 | 6:56 am

I’m absolutely obsessed with these! Are they going to be sold in postcard sizes as well? I got a copy of the fifth season version with the purchase of the fifth season but I would love to own the other four in the same size!

- Hannah Titony + 8.22.11 | 2:07 pm

[…] Video stammt von Ty Mason und basiert auf seiner Poster-Serie, die ich mir sofort in die Wohnung hängen würde, wenn denn noch genug Wände frei […]

[…] Series of the Day: Saul Bass-esque Dexter-inspired posters by Ty Mattson — one for each of the show’s previous four […]

I would definitely purchase these! They’re amazing! I would probably want larger prints, poster sized.

- Demitri + 9.22.11 | 8:45 am

[…] Image by Ty Mattson […]

[…] schön: Ty Mattson hat sich die Mühe gemacht und das Dexter Intro unter Heranbeziehung seiner Poster-Arbeiten animationstechnisch neu gestaltet: (via NC) […]

Love these and it inspired me to design my own icons for Dexter.

Have a look I’d like to here your thoughts. By the way. Love the your office… I ride past it on the metrolink all the time :-)

- Andy Eveland + 9.26.11 | 12:03 am

[…] while back designer Ty Mattson created an amazing poster series based on the popular series. The posters were inspired by mid-century modern design and […]

[…] Mattson Creative Category: Graphic Design, PostersFacebookTweet0 Comments Leave a […]

- Jordan Jung » Dexter-Inspired Posters + 11.15.11 | 10:08 pm

I have just purchased the set of five for my other half for Christmas. We are both avid Dexter fans, but I wanted to get him something that was unusual, creative, and artistic. After some researching, I found these, and they fit the bill PERFECTLY! They will definitely be the focal point on our wall with their vivid colors and iconic graphics. Congratulations, they are gorgeous.

- Michelle S. + 12.5.11 | 8:28 pm

These are all fantastic and truly capture the iconic images from each season! I know that you are a huge LOST fan, and am wondering if you have given any thought to doing this type of thing for each of the 6 seasons of LOST?! I bet the imagery you come up with would be epic for posters for each season. Thoughts?

- Franknhc + 12.25.11 | 6:52 pm

[…] viral with not only designers and Dexter fans abuzz, but Showtime execs had flipped for it too: Mattson had a voicemail from the executive producer. From there, his artwork turned into official Dexter […]

[…] viral with not only designers and Dexter fans abuzz, but Showtime execs had flipped for it too: Mattson had a voicemail from the executive producer. From there, his artwork turned into official Dexter […]

[…] O trabalho é do Mattson Creative […]

[…] you seen these posters over at Mattson Creative? Because they’re perfect, and I want them […]

- Dexter posters | thecre8ive + 1.17.13 | 7:04 am

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Good article. I definitely love this website.

Keep writing!

[…] for the overwhelming response to the Dexter posters I designed! I really appreciate all of the comments and emails…AND…Showtime has decided […]

- Dexter Prints « Mattson Creative + 6.20.14 | 8:38 pm

Hello! Do you know if they make any plugins to safeguard against hackers?

I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard on. Any recommendations?

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[…] fã de Dexter (o seriado com a abertura mais maneira de todos), e essa interpretação feita pelo Ty Mattson ficou demais! Clica no link pra ver todos os quatro pôsteres que ele fez. #2. Uns acessórios […]

- finds of the day - Natália Rosin + 1.2.15 | 4:56 am

[…] This is just out-of-control! So the Dexter producers are big fans of the posters I designed. I put the artwork on my blog on a Thursday night, and on Friday morning I started […]

[…] do design Ty Mattson a partir dos acontecimentos de cada temporada. Estão disponíveis no site de Mattson os posters das outras […]

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