Mattson Creative Designs On-Air Campaign & Poster Series for CBS

I’ve been working closely with CBS for the past few months and I’m extremely excited to finally be able to share what we’ve been doing. CBS commissioned me to develop a series of animated sequences based on their current hit shows. I designed graphic interpretations for 10 programs:  Two and a Half Men, CSI:, The Big Bang Theory, Hawaii Five-O, The Good Wife, Person of Interest, 60 Minutes , Survivor, and NCIS. I created storyboards for each animation and created final artwork. The sequences were animated by The DMC Initiative. The individual spots are currently airing nationally and the complete 60 second piece, which features all of the shows, was used to open the CBS 2012 Upfront this month.


10 Second Person of Interest Spot


10 Second 60 Minutes Spot


10 Second Two and a Half Men Spot


10 Second Big Bang Theory Spot


10 Second NCIS Spot


Seeing my designs on national television is pretty incredible, but this project gets even better. After we completed the animated sequences for the current programs, CBS commissioned me to create an extremely limited edition poster series commemorating their classic television shows. These oversize 3 color silkscreen prints will be installed in CBS’s offices in Los Angeles.

Lost in Space

Gilligan’s Island


The Mary Tyler Moore Show



The Twilight Zone


and of course, I Love Lucy



- Ty + 6.1.12 | 8:02 am


Ty, these are SO awesome. Great job! I can’t wait to see them air.

- Wendy Wade + 6.1.12 | 8:44 am

WOW! So cool. (Archer and Beau liked it too). :)

- Kelly C'de Baca + 6.1.12 | 8:55 am

Some of your best work ever! It’s just so good. I’m so proud & happy for you.

- Rhea Mattson + 6.1.12 | 9:13 am


- Kraig Kalashian + 6.1.12 | 9:24 am

Oh. My. God. You get more and more amazing every day. This is FANTASTIC, Ty. Love it all. Can’t wait to see them in broadcast!

- Steve + 6.1.12 | 9:41 am

AHhh!! This is so good! So proud of you and your creative genius. Did I spy some josh elliott logo-ness in that person of interest spot? Good stuff. And survivor is still running? weird. And thirdly, I want that mary tyler moore poster. It’s my fave.

- Beckey + 6.1.12 | 10:30 am

Fantastic! Best decision CBS has ever made. Well done, Sir!

- Ben + 6.1.12 | 11:24 am

Absolutely amazing, Ty. All of it. You made it look like you were having genuine fun creating all of the spots and the posters. Speaking of….I must own the Twilight Zone poster. I’m a closet fan of everything about the show, but if I had this poster, I’d gladly & boldly come out of the closet by putting it up in my place.

- Michelle + 6.1.12 | 12:33 pm

TY! Freaking awesome! Really LOVE these! Congrats! And the posters are great too! Especially love G.I. and The MTM Show!

- Sara Kalashian + 6.1.12 | 2:06 pm

Outstanding work Ty…so wonderful to see your creativity flourishing!

- Joey O'Connor + 6.1.12 | 3:03 pm

Wow Ty unreal so freakin cool..well done!

- Steve Averill + 6.1.12 | 4:28 pm

Saul would be proud!

- Jeff + 6.1.12 | 8:12 pm

Stunned speechless. Your shop does the most creative stuff! I’m sort of ashamed to admit that other than 60 Minutes, I’ve never seen any of the shows represented. But still, I get the gist of it and now it has made me curious to watch them. Continued success!

- Teresa + 6.3.12 | 6:54 pm

BTW: Can I bribe you for a Lost in Space poster?

Doughnuts? Foot-rubs? Coffee runs? :-)

- Teresa + 6.3.12 | 6:58 pm

Ty–Very cool!! Saw the 60 minute spot yesterday. Congratulations. Will keep looking for more creative work from your shop.

- Bill + 6.4.12 | 9:00 am

I MUST have that Lost In Space Poster, I MUST!

- rich + 6.5.12 | 5:37 am

I saw some of these on TV just the other night. Very cool! It’s great to see really strong design on network television!

- Landin + 6.18.12 | 1:07 pm

Thank You for such creative work, I love it!

- Cherie + 6.28.12 | 6:43 pm

Stunning work, as usual. Will the posters be reprinted for sale? Please, please, please say yes! Pleeeeeeeaaaaase!

- Jacqui + 7.12.12 | 7:09 am

Excellent work Ty— really beautifully done. Congrats—

- John + 7.12.12 | 7:15 am

Great stuff, Mr. Mattson. And what a fantastic showcase for your talents.

- DW + 7.12.12 | 9:17 am

This is certainly awesome, with excellent likenesses to CBS prime time programming. As Jacqui asks above, will these be available as posters?

- Laura + 7.12.12 | 12:44 pm

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I haven’t seen creative stuff like this in quiet a while! Very well done! Keep on bringing this kind of excellence to television!

- Sergio + 7.25.12 | 12:13 pm

Where are the posters???

- Dan + 9.22.12 | 5:05 pm

Great work!

- JP + 9.23.12 | 6:50 pm

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[…] remem­ber the posters Mattson Creative devel­oped for CBS to com­mem­o­rate some of their clas­sic tele­vi­sion shows.  Well, get a load of how amaz­ing they look on the walls of […]

Truly fabulous. Being a huge I Love Lucy fan, that one is my favorite, but they are all great!

- Ashley @GirlyObsessions + 10.1.12 | 9:15 am

Outstanding. I NEED (not want, need) a copy of the Twilight Zone poster. Will these be available to order? Thanks Ty!

- Ross + 10.7.12 | 10:21 am

So amazing! It is a great homage to TV. How can we post it or tweet about it?

- Miriam Figueras + 11.5.12 | 2:32 am

I own the Lost in Space and M*A*S*H posters while when a friend gave it to me as a gift. He was working there at the time. They only printed up 20. I haven’t even framed them up yet. They are huge and all sorts of awesome! You would think hey would be just printed up from a computer printer but this was something else, like a high tech ink press. I used to watch Mash with my Dad and the Lost in space one is absolutely cool! I would love the Twilight Zone if it were available.

- Patricia + 5.19.13 | 7:31 pm

Is there any way to order a copy of these? I would love to have the Mary Tyler Moore one.

- DAMIEN + 6.16.13 | 9:41 pm

I would love to purchase a MTM poster as well ( and some of the others if possible). How can we make it happen? and how much?

- Eric + 9.12.13 | 2:49 pm

[…] Mattson Creative Designs On-Air Campaign & Poster Series for CBS, these are absolutely beautiful. […]

- Be Umweni + 10.10.13 | 5:39 pm

Gorgeous series! I too would looooooove to purchase an MTM poster. Please let me know if that’s possible. Thanks so much.

- Angela + 9.13.14 | 12:23 pm

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