Homeland Vintage Jazz Album Covers


A year ago, Showtime asked me to create merchandise for their hit-series “Homeland”. I am a big fan of the show so it was an exciting project. The series is smart and sophisticated, so the challenge was to design something original and unexpected that would resonate with the “Homeland” audience. Playing off of the theme of jazz that appears in the storyline – particularly in the pilot episode – I designed 12 vintage record covers inspired by the show. I am very excited to announce that all of the designs are now on sale exclusively on the Showtime website.

ty-mattson-homeland-framed-01 ty-mattson-homeland-framed-02 ty-mattson-homeland-framed-03 ty-mattson-homeland-framed-04 ty-mattson-homeland-framed-05 ty-mattson-homeland-framed-06

The album covers are available individually as 12 x 12″ framed prints or  combined into a single 24 x 34″ limited edition lithograph. There will only be 1,000 hand-signed and numbered prints. You can find them here.





- Ty + 12.3.13 | 3:29 pm


I’m so excited to finally be able to buy these! I love them, great job!

- Rose + 12.4.13 | 3:10 pm

Tasty design Ty! I don’t watch this show so I don’t get the connection between the vinyl/analog 50s/60s thing in relation to post 9/11… but who cares!

- john + 12.12.13 | 10:54 am

Great job.
Love what you are doing. Special the posters fra Homeland.
I will follow you from Denmark.
Art director / Owner Papermint Design

- Claus Jørgensen + 1.18.14 | 2:33 am

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